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Top 4 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Should Decline Projects

Entrepreneurs should learn when to say "No"
Have you ever been in a situation when you hesitate to accept projects?

As online entrepreneurs, we have the habit of accepting projects.  Projects mean money.  If we turn down projects then we lose money. For this reason, as much as possible, many online entrepreneurs hesitate to decline projects.

However, are there good reasons to decline projects? Below are the top 4 reasons online entrepreneurs should decline projects/orders and the possible solutions:

Is the Client For Real?
When the client is new and he places a rush project to be delivered in a few hours and he is willing to pay huge bucks for it.  In my over 6 years of experience as an academic paper writer and as article writer, I have been victimized by scammers.  One thing I learned is that if a new client pays huge bucks for an order without asking us first, I should begin checking for signs of fraud.

Solution: To make sure that the client is legit, check the email that the client used to pay for the order and compare it with the email where the client wants the order to be delivered.  If they match then the order is good to go.  Try to contact the client using the phone number he gave you in the order form or require a confirmation email from the client.  This way, you are protected in case the client asks for refund from Paypal.

Client Asks for Unreasonable Discounts
Some clients ask for unreasonable discounts.  While you may be tempted to agree to the client’s requests just to establish business relationship, it may eventually backfire because he may continue asking for the same rate over and over again.

Solution: First, discuss with the client that the rates being charged is reasonable compared to the prevailing market.  If he insists on getting on much lower rate, try to negotiate with him to change the scope of the project.  Or, you can ask for longer deadline to give you more time to finish the project.

The Project is Outside the Scope of your Expertise
There will be situations when you will be offered to work on a project that you are unfamiliar with. If you try to complete these projects knowing that you are venturing into unfamiliar territory, chances are the clients will not be satisfied with the output.  He may either not return or he may ask for a refund or tell about the poor output online.

Solution: Try to ask other writers who are experts on the field to work with you.  The other freelance writers will appreciate the gesture.  If you cannot find a collaborating writer, it is better to reveal to the client that it is something that you cannot handle.  I am sure your prospective client will appreciate your honesty and come back with you next time he needs your help.

You Cannot Deliver the Project on Time
For many clients, time is of the essence.  When they give you projects and tell you that they need the output on time, they mean it.  A few hours of delay will irate your clients and seriously damage your online reputation.

Solution: You should check your schedule and see if there are projects that can be moved to a later date.  Determine if you can finish the other projects at an earlier date so you can work on the new project.  If there is nothing that can be done at your end then it is the time when you should either tell the client beforehand that you will not be able to make it on time or you may ask other writers to help you finish the project on time.

To Accept or To Not Accept
Declining a project should be the online entrepreneur’s last resort.  Before you make that decision, make sure to exhaust every possible means first. But be brave enough to tell the client that you cannot meet the requirements of the project after you have done everything.

What is Your Take?
Have you ever declined a project? When should a freelancer decline a project?
Share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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