About Us

This is a blog dedicated to all men and women who want to make money online.
If you are looking for ways to augment your income or you want to establish a legitimate business online this blog will appeal to your interest.
Jim Cockrum, an author, once said that the secret to success is to reveal your secrets to everybody.  We will reveal everything that we know about establishing a legitimate online business so you can achieve total financial freedom.

Our goal is to share with you different ideas on how to start your online business. We will scan other blogs and learn from other bloggers who have been earning online.

We do not profess to be experts.  We are launching this blog so we can learn ideas from you as well.

Our Experiences
We started working as freelance writers for a Philippine-based company in 2005.  The income was good but we were not contented.  We established our own website in 2007 so our clients can directly place their order from us. Our only goal at the time was to receive the payments directly from the client which is significantly bigger than working as a freelancer for an online-based company.

Back then, we had no knowledge about the basics of choosing the right domain name for your website, web hosting, and payment gateway solutions or even Internet Marketing.  We relied exclusively on our developer.  Our main goal was simply to establish a website and get our business going.

We also had no idea on how to market our internet business.  We thought that having a website was enough to get traffic to our website.  We did not have the time back then to do research on how to market our internet business because we were also busy with our day jobs.  Needless to state, the first year was a total mess and we only had very few orders.

But then the clients started to recognize the quality of our work.  The clients who availed of our services started referring their friends and their colleagues to our website. Income was better for the second and third year but traffic was mainly brought by referrals.  We still did not have any idea on how to market our business.
Things started to change for the better in 2010 when we started posting blogs.  We started reading books about internet marketing and the use of social media for our online business.  We applied it on our website and our orders tripled.  We started earning seven figures for our small online business.  And we were doing this only as a side job!

Now, what if we have been knowledgeable about the basics of starting an online business, choosing the right domain name, designing my own website in 2008? What if we have started blogging and using the social media back in 2009?

We do not want our experiences to happen to you. So we are launching this blog to help other men and women become entrepreneurs with the help of the Internet.  If you are interested to earn money online then this blog can be of service to you since we will try to cover different business ideas using the Internet.