Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

How Small Businesses Can Compete with Big Businesses Online

It is not unusual for small business owners to have doubts before they establish their own online business.
It is normal for a person to have doubts about the amount of time that he will spend or the competition that he will face when he joins the online community.

These doubts, however, do not have any basis. In fact, having an online business is the best alternative for small business owners.

Small is Big in Online Business
The era of the social media has at least leveled the playing field between big businesses and small businesses.  In fact, small businesses can actually compete with big businesses online because of several advantages.

Its first advantage is mobility.  Small businesses are typically managed by one or two individuals.  Decisions, therefore, revolve around the owners making it very easy to implement minor or even major business decisions.  In contrast, big businesses need approval from the board before they can even implement minor changes on their website.

Small businesses are more personal compared to big businesses which make them closer to their customers. Small business owners personally write the blogs for their websites, they post updates on their Facebook wall or even personally tweet.  In contrast, big business owners hire individuals to manage their Facebook or their Tweeter making it very impersonal.

Build Relationships with your Client
In the age of the social media, size does not matter.  The only recipe for success is to build relationship with your clients.

In our case, our writing business has managed to maintain loyal clients because we make ourselves available to their needs 24/7.  When they have questions we make an effort to respond to these questions immediately. We listen to our clients and find out what they need.

Small business owners have nothing to fear in competing with big businesses. Our cardinal rule – build relationship and listen to your client.

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