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Secrets to Managing a Successful Online Business

Want to know the secrets to managing your own website?

Around 2005 years ago, I worked as a freelance writer for a company which writes academic papers for students.  Back then, I was happy I found that website which helped me earn 5k to 15k a month.  It was a substantial income on my part considering that I had a day job. 

I worked hard to meet deadlines and make sure that the papers I will turn in meet the academic standards of the clients. I also made myself available to the company just in case the client asks for revision. Every time I fail to meet deadlines, the company imposed penalties which they deducted from my pay.

Soon, I got tired of writing. Long hours of writing can be physically taxing.  I got burned out.  I thought I needed to find a way to earn higher income without sacrificing all my time for my family and mentally and physically draining myself.

I realized, since I am actually good at writing why not make it as a business as well. Having written academic papers for more than 1 year and having pleased majority of my clients, I felt confident that I could pull it off. 

Thus, I started to come up with a website similar to the business model of the company I worked for. Since then, our website has helped me earn more than six figures every month.

After more than 5 years of managing my own website, I have met with several people including developers, programmers, and writers. I learned so many things from which I want to share to every Filipino who desire to have their own online business.  

If you are interested to have your own online business (not just an online business dedicated to academic paper writing) here are some tips that can be useful in the different aspects of online business

1. Choosing a Domain name.  Choose a domain name that is easy to read and difficult to misspell.  Choose a domain name that your clients can easily recall.  Preferably, it should be something that will give an idea to your clients about the nature of your business.  Avoid weird sounding names because it may be too difficult to recall and sound unprofessional.

Remember that once you have picked a name and you have paid for it, it can no longer be changed.  So make sure that the name you choose is the name that you want your company to be known. 

2.  Choosing a Web Developer.  There are a lot of talented and skilled web developers offering their services in the Philippines. In fact, most Americans hire Filipino web developers because they are hardworking and easy to work with.  Just search in the Internet and use the keyword Web Developers in the Philippines and you can see several Filipino web developers who can help you with your website. 

Prices may range from as low as 20k to as high as 100k depending on the features of your website.  These web developers have portfolio showing the websites they have done in the past.  Ask around if the web developer is reputable.  Before you make your decision, meet with them and talk to them about what you want and how you want it done. 

The key to getting the right website for you is to communicate with your web developer. Make sure that you have made up your mind about how you want the website to look like.  Slight changes after the web developer has started building your website can be an additional cost on your part.

3. Be irrationally generous to your clients.  Jim Cockrum, an Internet Marketing Expert, said that the key to retaining long-term clients is to be irrationally generous to them.  Wow your clients with your service and give them the best service that you can give.  These clients who are satisfied with your service will definitely tell speak about the great service they received from you and refer their friends to your website.  No amount of marketing will beat the words of a satisfied client.

4. Develop partnerships with influential leaders in your field.  Telling the world about your service is no easy task. It requires a great deal of time.  Having an impressive (and expensive) website or blog is no longer enough.  In fact, thousands of blogs out there are irrelevant insofar as attracting the target clients.  Internet marketing experts suggest that you develop partnerships with influential people in the field you are in.  Talk to them, visit their blog or website and leave useful comments. 

5. Do not listen to marketers who promise get rich quick schemes.  As I was starting my online business, I have hired the services of SEOs.  I even paid an individual who promised to help me boost the ranking of my website in Google.  Of course, I was not satisfied with the result.  Instead of focusing on search engines and Google, I realized that I should concentrate my efforts on pleasing my clients.  After all, happy clients are your best marketers.  Running a successful internet business is a slow process which involves talking to your clients, listening to them and asking about what they want. 

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