Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

The Benefits of Managing your Own Online Business

Recent studies say more people prefer to be called entrepreneurs than CEOs.   With the recent developments in Internet Technology and availability of tools gadgets that help entrepreneurs manage their businesses online, more people have discovered that they want to free themselves from the bondage of 8 to 5 jobs to manage their own online business.

But what are the perks of becoming entrepreneurs?

There are a lot. Most entrepreneurs are surprised that they are enjoying these perks that they never even thought they wanted.

Indeed, becoming entrepreneurs is not only about becoming your own boss or enjoying a lot of free time on your own.

Recently, I came across an article entitled “The Secret Guilty Pleasures of being an Entrepreneur.” It discusses four (4) benefits of being entrepreneurs.  The article spoke wisdom about the benefits of becoming entrepreneurs and managing your own online business.  I hope you will enjoy it too.

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