Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

Why Your Business Should be Online

It is not uncommon to hear people say that when you are looking for information about something you can find it in Google.

We live in a society that is always pressed for time.  We want immediate information at the time we need it.  The Internet helps us achieve this penchant for immediate gratification.

That is why many people are online to find information about something.  This is not only true in the Western countries but even in the Philippines.

Filipinos are heavy Internet users

According to, as of June 2009, there are 29,700,000 Internet users in the Philippines which is 29.7% of the entire population in the Philippines.  This is a substantial increase compared to the 24,000,000 Internet users in the past year.

The Nielsen Southeast Asia Digital Consumer report also said that Filipinos who spend 21.5 hours online per week are second heaviest Internet users in Southeast Asia.  We are only second to the Singaporeans who spend an average of 25 hours online per week.

If the potential consumers are online then don’t you think you should be online too selling your products and services.  If people are actively using the Internet to get information about anything, don’t you think that it is wise for you to have an online business where your clients are?

Think about it.  A customer could be looking right now for a product or a service that you are already providing.  Help your potential customers find you in the Internet. Establish an online presence.

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