Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

We already posted the most important reason why you should have an online business.  We have said that the Filipinos heavy use of the Internet makes it indispensable for every entrepreneur to have their businesses online.

Now, let us talk about the other reasons why you should have a website and establish an online business

1. 24/7 availability.  When you have a physical store business you have limitations in terms of your availability.  Perhaps you may be open only from 8 A.M. or 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. Your store could only be happened during weekdays and be closed on weekends.  In contrast, when you have an online business your business can be opened 24/7.  You can still receive emails or calls even during the night or during weekends. In our case, our website allows us to accept orders from our clients even before sun rise I can confirm these orders using my Blackberry without physically getting out of bed to confirm orders.

2. Unlimited Visibility. When you have a physical store business you are only visible to those who pass by your store.  In fact, even if people pass by your store it does not follow that they will even notice your store.  In contrast, when you have an online business you are visible not only in the Philippines but even in remote places in other parts of the world provided they have access to Internet.  In my case, my clients who are in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia can see our website and place their orders.

3. Specific Market. When you have a physical store business it does not follow that the people who pass by your store will purchase your products and services.  In contrast, when your target customer finds you on Google and clicks on your website you can be assured that the person who is viewing your website is looking for precisely the same product or service that you sell.  In our case, when our clients go to our website I am sure that they are looking for the products that I am selling.

4. Savings on Business Expenses. When you have a physical store business you will be spending so much money on securing your business licenses, registration requirements, lease contracts, monthly salaries of personnel and other business expenses.  Moreover, it will take time, around two to three years, before you can actually recoup your investment. In contrast, aside from domain name registration and hosting which are paid yearly, and expenses for developing your own website which is a one-time fee, you do not have to pay for any other thing.

5. Direct Sale. When you have a physical store business, generally, before your clients can actually purchase anything from your store you need to be opened first so your clients can go to your store and make purchases.  On the other hand, when you have an online business your products and services are available to your target customers 24/7.  Transactions can easily be done as well since our website is linked to website allowing me to confirm payments after I receive orders.

6. Accessibility of Information about your Company.  When you have an online business your customers can easily find you in Google to know more about your company, philosophy, values, mission, vision and products and services.  We have an About Us page in my online business which contains information about our company.  If my clients sends me an email asking me questions, I refer them to my FAQ page where the answers to their questions can be found.

There are many more benefits of having an online business.  The information which I gave are only those things which we found very important based on our experiences.

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