Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

Identifying and Targeting Your Goals for your Online Business

Are you starting your own website?  Don’t know how to start building your website?

The common pitfalls among many online entrepreneurs is that they focus on the design of their website first before they think about its content.  When this happens they end up inserting additional pages on their website that may affect its overall design.

Before you starting designing your first blog or website, you need to clarify your goals.  What is the function of your blog or website? Is it simply a personal blog or website? Is your blog or website seeking to convince other people about political issues? Is it a company blog or website seeking to give out information about your company? Does it sell a particular product or service?

If you are just starting your own online business you need to make sure that your design fits well with the goals that you want to achieve.

Before you start building your website you need to see if it has all the elements that can help you achieve your goals.  These elements may or may not be present on your blog or website depending on your goals.

A. Corporate history
If you are a company your blog or website needs to have a page dedicated to show your target customers your corporate history.  Corporate history tells about your company and the products that your company sells.

B. Company Information
This page contains more details and information about your company such as your address, contact number, and hours of operation.

C. Press Releases
You may have an important news to share to your target audience.  Press releases ensure that the most recent and up to date news about you or your company is made available to your audience

D. Product and Service Information
If you set up your blog or website to sell products or services, a page dedicated to your products and services should be made part of your blog or website.

E. Online Purchasing
Online Purchasing page allows your loyal customers to purchase your products and services.

F. Support for Existing Customers and Prospective Clients
A blog or website needs to provide information that can help or assist your clients should they have questions.  This can be embodied in a Frequently Asked Questions page where the most common questions you encounter are answered.

G. Sitemap
A sitemap allows your target clients to see the outline of the entire website.  At the same time, it allows your target clients to immediately go to the page they want to see.

H. Online Support
If you want to be able to communicate with your clients 24/7 there should be a live chat support system that will allow them to ask you questions or information.

I. Customer Testimonials
You have customers who have said nice words about your products? Why not gather them and share them by building a Testimonials Page so your new customers can see it.

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