Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

Take your Business to the Next Level – Start Online Business

You have a small business.  You feel confident that you are ready to take your small business to the next level by establishing your online presence.

But you know almost nothing about the Internet.  You don’t know anything about social media.  You are not a geek and this is your first time to venture into online business.

Do not be afraid.  You are not alone.  There are many other entrepreneurs out there are who have not tapped the Internet as part of their marketing strategy.

There are several steps that you can do to establish your online presence which you can do on your own.

1. Register your own domain name.  You need to get a good domain name for your business.  Use a domain name that you can associate with your product or services.  Follow our blog post with the title “Domain Name – What is in a Name” for more information about domain names

2.  Start a blog.  When you have purchased a domain name the next thing that you think about is the web hosting.  Some blogs are hosted for free by wordpress or blogger.  However, having a blog like may not suit well for our business because the name is too long for our clients to remember.  So some bloggers make the decision to pay for web hosting services.

Some domain registrants also offer web hosting services as part of their package.  Some companies offer their services for the price ranging from $40/year to $100/year.  In our case, the cost for web hosting of our other blogs is $50.88.  If you will include the fees for domain name registration and the privacy registration services the total fee we paid was $60.0 which is for one year of service.

You might say that you do not have time to blog.  Blogging is not supposed to take too much of your time.  You can post your blog at least once a week or twice a week depending on your availability.  Moreover, if you have the time now you can schedule the posting of your blog so they can be published during the weeks or months that you are very busy.

3.  Have a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account.  Your clients are into the social media so it is not a bad idea to be into social media.  Make sure that you use your own name or your business so your clients can easily find you.

4. Find out more about your audience.  Know your audience.  Understand the social media that you are using and make sure that you are there too.  If you are new in the social media, make sure to follow your competitors and understand how they are using the social media so you can adopt the same strategy for your own business.  You can also study how the social media is being used by other businesses and see if you can apply the same in your own business.

5. Devote your time to your blog and the social media.  In making sure that you have loyal clients you need to devote your time to your blog and the social media.

6. Be generous to your clients.  A successful Internet Marketer once said that the secret to his success is his generosity.  He started a newsletter campaign detailing the secrets of his business.  For some of you this could be unthinkable.  However, it was his strategy to success. The more information he gave to his loyal clients the more these clients became loyal to him.

7. Do all these things by yourself. is a blog built by a lawyer who simply fell in love with Internet Marketing.  He is not Internet savvy and has no knowledge, training or exposure on html codes or programming languages.  But he was able to build a blog on his own.  You can do it as well. Hiring a consultant who will do these things for you may not be the best idea. If there is somebody who knows your business it is you.  There is nobody who can speak for your business other than you.

Good luck with your online business!

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